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Latest News on Self Improvement
1 Dec 2021 13:33
Most likely, someone will live in a country where a vaccine is seen as the best way for them to protect themselves from the virus. Or to be more accurate, it is seen as the only way for them to do this.
30 Nov 2021 14:19
Although there are some people who have done their best to carry on as normal since the arrival of the contagion, there are others who have been unable to do so. For someone in the second position, it might not matter if the restrictions have been eased where they live.
29 Nov 2021 14:25
For some people, what is going on has been all-consuming, with it being hard for them to function. For others, what is going on hasn't been something that has totally consumed their mind, with it being possible for them to carry on living their life.
29 Nov 2021 14:25
Have you ever wondered how you can have your creative juices flowing leading to innovation? This article shows how.
29 Nov 2021 14:24
What someone may find, if they were to reflect on their life, is that they feel bad about themselves. This will mean that, deep down; they will feel both guilty and ashamed.
29 Nov 2021 14:24
If the average person was asked to explain what it means to be human, they could say that it involves having a physical body and an intellect or something similar. Therefore, who they are will be a combination of what is going on in their head and what keeps this part of them in place.
24 Nov 2021 13:59
Although someone will have both a head and a body and will, therefore, experience both thoughts and feelings, it doesn't mean that they will be able to relate to this. In general, they could live up top and only be aware of their thoughts and perhaps different sensations.
22 Nov 2021 14:23
Even though a man will be an interdependent human being, it doesn't mean that he will be able to act like one. The reason for this is that he might not be able to spend much time by himself.
22 Nov 2021 14:23
Although a man will have a physical body and, therefore, will be visible to others, it doesn't mean that he will feel seen. In general, he could feel invisible and wonder if he even exists.
22 Nov 2021 14:22
If, after being brought up by an abusive mother, a man was able to realise that his early years were dysfunctional and then to reach out for support, he might not end up in a relationship with an abusive woman. He would then have been through hell but there would be no reason for him to replay this experience again.
22 Nov 2021 14:21
If a man was asked to describe himself, one of the things that he could say is that he is independent. Unlike some people, then, he won't need others and this will also mean that he won't be 'needy'.
18 Nov 2021 15:54
What a man may find, if he was to step back and reflect, is that he rarely feels good about himself and often feels down as a result. He could find that he has been this for as long as he can remember.
16 Nov 2021 16:17
If a man was to take a step back and reflect on how he behaves around women, what he may find is that he has the tendency to hide his needs. When this takes place, he will create the impression that he doesn't have any.
15 Nov 2021 18:48
Having needs is part of the human experience, and this means that they are not bad or wrong. However, although this is the case, a man can be in a position where he has the need to hide most of his needs.
15 Nov 2021 18:48
Do you hate it when somebody criticizes you? Sometimes, however, criticism can be good for us. How is it possible? Does it seem incredulous? Why don't you look inside?
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